Nuria "Starfire" Copperkind

A mythic flame dancer of extraordinary ability...


A bard in every sense of the word, Nuria is referred to as “the flame in the hearts of Taldor’s people.” Nuria is a well-known performer throughout the land of Taldor and beyond. She can control fire and uses it in many of her dance performances.

Nuria is a bold, vocal woman who is unafraid to fight against injustice and maltreatment. She is a kind, compassionate individual with a strong desire to make people happy through her work.


Born into the noble house of Copperkind as a bastard child, Nuria was raised by her father after the sudden disappearance of her mother, Ura Starfire. Beloved by her father and three half brothers and despised by her step-mother, Nuria grew up outside of the political eye of Taldor’s nobles. Her fiery personality could not be tamed to a life of plush indulgences, and as her father would later claim “She was born an adventurer, with love for the world and the arts, just like her mother.”

The fire in her heart led to Taldor’s most revered stage, the Fallendusk Theatre, where she spent much of her youth learning the arts of dance and acting through an unnamed mentor. It was in the theatre she discovered her ability to bend and control fire just as her mother had been able to do. This led to much controversy in her family, and her step-mother pushed to have to her married off as soon as possible.

Wanting to avoid a possible engagement and stay free to practice her magic, Nuria fled from her home late one night with the help of her best friend Illyria. The two joined up with a caravan and were only a few days out of town before the caravan was attacked by bandits. In the commotion, Nuria offered herself as a ransom in return for the safety of the caravan members, but the attempt was thwarted by another warrior also traveling along, Alfred F. Jones.

It was with Illyria and Alfred that the adventuring began; the trio took on small jobs where ever they could find them. The growing fame of their deeds did not go unnoticed and soon the trio found employment with the copper dragon Samadulus. Many years have been spent in the dragon’s service; up to this day, they still take on occasional missions. The trio have settled down from the majority of their adventuring and Nuria has pursued other aspects of life, including a relationship with Alfred and moving her theatre craft to a new level. Fallendusk Theatre is where she resides currently, ever trying to push theatre and the arts back into Taldor’s society.

Nuria "Starfire" Copperkind

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