Starvon Frostvoice

A weathered man with wisdom in his eyes...


Starvon used to be a soldier of Taldor in his youth. After many grueling years in the military and the loss of his left leg, Starvon retired to a quiet life in the back alleys of the capital city. He frequently attended the showings at the Fallendusk Theatre and fell in love with one of the actresses on stage.

As Starvon pursued the possible love interest, it quickly became apparent that the theatre was in dire need of new leadership. Starvon walked into the office one day after a rather slow performance and offered his militaristic expertise to get things running again. Starvon was welcomed immediately. The theatre hummed with new life as the veteran threw himself into the chaos of the arts, working tirelessly behind the scenes and even making appearances on the stage. He possesses a strikingly deep singing voice as crisp as fresh snow and many people flock to the theatre when he is in a performance.

After many years of changes and hard discipline, Starvon has been able to bring the Fallendusk Theatre into the prime of its life. If questioned about the rumors and myths surrounding the place, Starvon will only answer, “I’ve seen a lot in my lifetime. It’s best not to ask questions about this place.”


Starvon Frostvoice

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