Backstage Hands

No theatre is complete without a good, solid crew to depend on. The backstage areas include the costume shop, set work shop, and rope lines.

Costume Crew
Hitrao Ludwulf- This sylph is a master at needlework and has produced such fine clothing that even the ruler of Taldor has requested his talents numerous times.

Zigdi Softpaws- This lovable soft-spoken catfolk is the manager of the costume shop space. She is a diligent worker and is a master at crafting even the most absurd pieces.

Bop- This small, mischievous goblin is a wonder to behold. She uses her small size and dexterous hands to put together the tiniest of details that larger races would struggle with.

Workshop Crew
Timn and Arsid Pridestrike- Two dwarven brothers with the need for speed. If you want something crafted in as little time as possible and with the utmost precision and care, these are your go to guys.

Zoey Gren- Daughter of actors Donzo and Ravaxina, she a fiery spirit who could care less for her parents' art. She would rather be in the workshop working on sets and other props and not be on the stage.

Rope/Line Runners
Velru and Melru Portgall-
Twin vanara brothers who traveled across the seas in search of a life calling. Velru was the first to find work in the theatre, dragging his brother along for the ride. The two are nearly inseparable and can usually be found hanging out on the catwalks or playing pranks on the actors.

Lighting/Special Effects Wizards
Jita Proudspark- A young gnome with a flare for absurd, brightly colored clothing. She enjoys the special effects in performance, especially darker scenes with lots of fog and scary things. She can almost always be found arguing with Olfo over light and set placement.

Olfo Dusksong- A grim halfling with a sour disposition. He especially enjoys doing the lighter, more bright and flashy light settings. He can nearly always be found arguing with Jita over scenery and lights.

Backstage Hands

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