The Guard Trio

Normally seen around the theatre in rotating intervals, this trio is set to watch the halls and backstage areas. They report directly to the owners and have been known to step into a situation that they deem too dangerous for actors or workers to handle. 


Erik Baneblade

Leader of the trio, Erik is a natural swordsman and a softie at heart. This blonde human guards the main office area and typically watches the front halls of the theatre.

Bob Skullcrusher

After a heartbreaking job working at a tavern, Bob left to pursue other goals. Best friends with Erik, this orc is a big teddy bear but will rip someone apart if the need calls for it. Also, he has a leg.

Siggi Thavnol

The brains of the trio, this half-orc woman would rather think her way through a fight instead of using her brawn. She directs the trio but refuses to be acknowledged as the true leader of her group.

The Guard Trio

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