Valon Dawnbringer

A passionate soul yearning for the stage life...


An human bard of little known origin, Valon is a quiet individual with a strong heart and quick wit. He can almost always be found roaming the theatre’s catwalks and halls when not needed on stage. His quiet disposition can come across as unnerving at times, but generally he is a likable individual that will help out anyone who asks him. This gracious attitude generally earns him small tokens of affection from many people, and he can be seen carrying many exotic trinkets at times, leading many to believe the rumors that he has traveled far and wide beyond Taldor’s borders, despite his claims that he has never left the country.


Valon comes from the northern outskirts of Taldor, though many think he comes from much further away. He enjoys telling tales of great deeds if caught in the right mood and will always lend a hand to those around him.

His current goals are genuinely to perform and perfect his already blossoming career on the theatre stage as well as helping other actors with their own endeavors.

Valon Dawnbringer

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