The Fallendusk Theatre

Welcome One and All!

The doors are open!

Welcome! Hurry, hurry in!

Auditions will be held for the upcoming celebration of the Fallendusk Theatre's 150 years during the festival of Crystalhue! All ages and races are welcome! Please stop in and speak with our directors and owners if you cannot wait!

Performances will be held throughout the Winter Solstice, ending with a banquet in the evening time. Please keep an eye out for the Zonzon sibling and pass on your well wishes and apologies.

Wanted: Stagehands and much more! This will be our biggest performance yet, and we need all the help we can get! Good wages and fast-paced work!

Come join us tomorrow at the Fallendusk Theatre! Open from sunrise to sunset, all day auditions and more. Don't forget to bring a friend!


Circean_Tobey Circean_Tobey

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