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    Fallendusk Theatre has a wide variety of actors and actresses that grace its halls. Here is a list of current actors in the upcoming performances and festival.

    Nasir Rhula- A dark-skinned, slender human with …

  • Nuria "Starfire" Copperkind

    Born into the noble house of Copperkind as a bastard child, Nuria was raised by her father after the sudden disappearance of her mother, Ura Starfire. Beloved by her father and three half brothers and despised by her step-mother, Nuria grew up outside of …

  • Valon Dawnbringer

    Valon comes from the northern outskirts of Taldor, though many think he comes from much further away. He enjoys telling tales of great deeds if caught in the right mood and will always lend a hand to those around him. His current goals are genuinely to …

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