Fallendusk Theatre has a wide variety of actors and actresses that grace its halls. Here is a list of current actors in the upcoming performances and festival.

Nasir Rhula- A dark-skinned, slender human with a laugh that booms through the halls. He is a cheerful man who will help whenever he can.

Donzo and Ravaxina Gren- A human and half-elf couple with a wild daughter. These two typically keep to themselves and enjoy watching shows just as much as performing in them.

Wynlynn Luxius- A gleeful gnome with a sweet sugar voice. A very good actress on stage but very shy when off. She likes to write her own scripts and hopes to publish them someday.

Ani Yailund- A beautiful brown-haired elf with a personality as sharp as a blade. Her acting is extraordinary but her socializing is questionable. She looks down on other races and rarely goes out of her way to help anyone unless begged to do so.

Mel "Halfstick" Bor- This halfing female is a loud, carefree spirit. Mel loves to perform and will pull pranks to make people laugh.

Ekvius Skanon- A male tiefling with many scars. His orange eyes and curled black ram horns are unsettling at first, but he is very sweet and kind. 

Alexis Neener- A dark-skinned human with a love for flowers. She has a fondness for Ekvius and will always praise his singing if given the chance.

Amethyst Adama- The half-elf daughter of Kelzeiros, Amethyst is just starting her acting debute in the upcoming festival. She has a fiery soul and personality to match.

Valon Dawnbringer- An inspiring angelic bard of exceptional talent. He is the most recent addition to the list of actors in the theatre and one of the most talented seen in years.



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