Founder and Grand Maestro of the Fallendusk Theatre,
Vasilios Fallendusk.

Born and raised among traveling merchants, the young aasimar, Vasilios, took a fondness to storytelling and theatrical portrayals of adventures at a young age. He would quickly spend his earnings on books and could always be found watching the visiting bards and poets. To add to his growing oddity as a child, he also discovered he could use magic.

As the years went by, Vasilios became a wealthy merchant and expert business man while honing his magical act. The man was as formidable with his words as he was with his spells. He took a particular liking to guns and always wore one at his side wherever he went. Rumor has it that he could also cast spells through his weapon of choice, though there are no known sources to confirm this.

Vasilios's love for the arts soon overwhelmed his merchant life when he met the elf, Ura Dawnfire. The maestro bought land and began the construction of the Fallendusk Theatre 152 years ago.  The building took two years to complete, as Vasilios constantly changed his plans on what he wanted throughout the building. The theatre opened 150 years ago and was a grand success.

For the next 50 years, Vasilios ran the theatre fairly and with great enthusiasm. He welcomed all races into the building and hosted a variety of nobles from multiple countries. He was a master of the stage and of the people, but Vasilios's heart would never be stolen by an outside force. His heart belonged to Ura. In her honor, a statue representing Ura performing for the world was placed in the entrance of the theatre with a inscription below it stating: "The Fire of My Heart."

Tragedy befell the Fallendusk Theatre on it's 50th anniversary. A fire broke out throughout the building, killing Vasilios and Ura and many of the present audience, workers, and actors. This tragedy was mourned in Taldor over the next week and what remained of the theatre was abandoned for years until the noble family Dasine and Lylia Greenleaf took up Vasilios's honorable cause and began rebuilding.


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