The Fallendusk Theatre was founded 150 years ago by a man named Vasilios Fallendusk. When the theatre first began, it only had a handful of actors, many of whom brought various gifts to the stage. The building itself was constructed with the stage in mind as well as housing for actors and workers alike. 

The theatre enjoyed 50 years of prosperous shows and received various visits from the noble houses of Taldor. Upon entering the 50th year of its life, a tragic fire burned through most of the building. Countless lives were lost, the founder and all residing actors among them. The building was left abandoned for several years until the wealthy noble family, Dalsine, invested heavily in the renovation and rebuilding of the theatre and its grounds.

New management was founded under the Elven beauty, Lylia Greenleaf, for the next several decades. The theatre once more flourished and began regaining its status as the prominent theatre house in the capital despite the shaky foundations Lylia laid out for workers and actors. 

As the relationships within the theatre began to grow rockier, Lylia stepped down and Starvon Frostvoice, the current owner of the theatre, stepped in to lend a more militaristic role in leadership. Starvon placed all workers on even grounds with each other and went about recruiting more well-tempered actors for his stage.

Within the past year, the theatre has become co-owned as Starvon plans to retire, though the time of this has not been announced yet. Kelzeiros Adama is currently next in line for ownership.


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